Our lab has access to a variety of multi-users equipments from the Graduate Program of Chemistry, including NMR, infrared, fluorimeter, HPLC, elemental analysis, ICP-OES, circular dichroism, thermo-analysis among others. Besides that our lab has also available the following equipments:

Anaerobic chamber

Infrared (FTIR)

Spectrophotometer Cary 5000 (UV-vis-NIR)

Potenciostat (BAS)

Liquid chromatographs (UHPLC, Shimadzu)

Spectrofluorimeters (stationary QM-40 e time resolved TM-20, PTI-Horiba)

Biological fermentor (Applikon, 5 L)

Ultrasonic device(SONIC)

Spectrophotometer HP diode array

Systems for protein and DNA eletrophoresis, and photodocumenting system (Biorad)

FPLC (low pressure) and fridge (for recombinant protein purification)