(Bio)inorganic Talks

A short history and tribute to late Dr Ícaro Moreira, founder of the Bioinorganic group at UFC (in Portuguese)

Talks from our Lab, watch our work in the Bioinorganic group at UFC (in Portuguese)

A Radio with science, listening interviews with scientists about a variety of exciting topics. This show is called “Falando Ciência” (Speaking Science) and is prepared by professors at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). This includes also a bioinorganic podcast-like of prof. Luiz Lopes about Metals in Medicine (in Portuguese, click here) .

Metallodrugs (videos of scientists describing their exciting works on medicinal inorganic chemistry)

Metalloprotein talks (a collection of some teaching video covering exciting aspects of the role of metals in protein functioning)

Voices of Inorganic Chemistry (this was a project of the Inorganic Chemistry ACS journal, where outstanding names of the field were interviewed, worth to listen these scientist)

Scientific documentaries (history of antibiotics, atomic discoveries etc., also with Portuguese legends)

Nobel Prize talks (a short collection of videos of Nobel prize winners talks, in chemistry or related fields)

Selected talks at the EuroBIC-15, 2020 (European Biological Inorganic Chemistry)

Química em Sintonia” (Tuned Chemistry) a series of light and exciting talks covering a variety of topics involving chemistry