Animation with scientific thematic

  • These animations made for children are also appealing for adults, they are worth watching.
  • Lavoisier and chemistry, an animation describing Lavoisier achievements and foundation of chemistry. Watch (click, in Portuguese)
  • Pasteur and microbiology birth, there are at least two animations describing the major discovery of this scientist and others that supported microbiology birth, check them both (click 1 in Portuguese, and click 2, in English)
  • Marie Curie and radioactivity, this an animation ilustrating the contributions of this major scientist and others to the advances on our understanding and use of radioactivity. Watch (click1, Portuguese, and click2, in English)
  • Issac Newton and the scientific method, this animation shows the remarkable contributions of Newton and the basis of the scientific method. Watch (click, Portuguese)
  • Gregory Mendel and genetic basis, this animation shows the contributions of this monk and scientist to unfold genetics. Watch (click, in Portuguese)
  • Albert Einstein and modern physics, this animation shows the major contributions of this scientist that changed physics and others. Watch (click, in Portuguese)
  • Brazilian scientists and inventors, a series of very short animations describing their lives and contributions to science, from Gottlieb to Oswaldo Cruz and Cesar Lattes among others. Watch (click, in Portuguese).

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