Inorganic-based Pharmaceutical Companies

Galera Therapeutics, manganese-based compounds as SOD dismutase mimics for treatment of several oral mucositis, improving cancer treatment.

This company employs CO and other gases for therapy, including sickle cells disease, Parkinson’s disease, acute pain among others.

Sartate Therapeutics, copper-based compounds for treatment of neuroblastome and cancer diagnostics.

Cuprous Therapeutics, copper-based compounds and nanotechnology products for improving drugs and treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

A UK startup dedicated to investigate therapies based on ruthenium for bacterial and resistant bacterial infections.

A company that is using nitric oxide as an anti-infections agent as well as anti-virus.

A company dedicated to controlled administration of gaseous nitric oxide to prevent risks of progressing hypoxic respiratory failure (HRF), which can be both acute and long-term.

A company providing nitric oxide from polymer delivery for use in multiple treatments, including inhibiting viral replication of human papillomavirus (HPV), antiviral and immunomodulatory effects, skin diseases, among others.

A Portugal-based startup company, develops ruthenium compounds for therapy of triple-negative breast cancer.

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