Our online talks and podcasts

  • How can inorganic chemistry help in the development of novel medicines, particularly for neglected diseases? In this talk delivered in a Thematic Symposium (Chemistry in the battle of neglected diseases) in the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Society (2021), Dr. Eduardo Sousa presents some key hints on the use of inorganic chemical fundamentals as novel strategies for the development of new drugs. Watch here(In Portuguese)
  • What are gas sensing proteins? Why are they so important for life? How can they sense small molecules such as O2, NO and CO? In this talk delivered in the Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Biochemistry (2021), Dr Eduardo Sousa presents briefly some principles of gas sensing proteins, focusing on heme-based sensors that are the largest family of such systems. He describes some key aspects of two systems: FixL (involved symbiosis and nitrogen fixation in Rhizobia) and DevS/DosT (involved in the dormancy process in Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Watch here (In English)
  • Basic science, why was and is so important for the progress of humankind ? A round-table discussion with Dr Luiz Lopes and Dr Eduardo Sousa from Bioinorganic-UFC along with Dr Vânia Bernardes-Génisson (University of Toulouse) and Dr José Moura (FCT- Universidade Nova de Lisboa). A talk during the Week of Chemistry 2020. Watch here (In Portuguese).
  • A bacterial pandemic from the point of view of the inorganic biological chemistry, a talk delivered by Dr Eduardo Sousa during the release of the Week of Chemistry at UFC 2020. Watch here (In Portuguese).
  • The benefits of the metal compounds is a radio interview with Dr Luiz Lopes, where he presents some relevant aspects of the use of metals in medicine. Listen here (In Portuguese).
  • What is the importance of metals in life? What is bioinorganic chemistry? This radio interview with Dr Eduardo Sousa, he discuss some important aspects of the metals, their roles in key proteins and in many essential processes in human and bacteria. Listen here (In Portuguese).
  • Metalloproteins as sensors for life and the Bioinorganic group. What are these proteins, what they do and what our lab does. A second radio interview with Dr Eduardo Sousa, where he discusses the role of sensors in agriculture, diseases and our sexual life. Listen here (In Portuguese).
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